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Running Time:
115 minutes

SAM RHODES longs to leave home and make a life for herself. Trouble is “it’s just too dangerous out there.” At least that’s what her father has drilled into her for years. Sam, a young woman with a tragic past, a past that’s left a bullet lodged in her brain, is a timid and insecure individual still living at home. When she’s not keeping herself abreast of the terrible events going on in the world, she can be found stocking shelves at the corner drug store. Sam suffocates under the constant watch and belittling of her angry father (TED), a rent-a-cop at the local bowling alley. When new people and events begin to enter Sam’s life, she begins to discover the truth about her past, and what it finally means to be alive.

A film festival gem and multiple award winner, Touching Down is an exploration in human cruelties, and the lengths to which we'll go to reshape our realities. With an outstanding ensemble cast led by Sarah Lewis, the only double nominee for acting by the Method Fest Film Festival, Touching Down is a simple yet heartfelt meditation on fear, family, and one's desires.

“One of the Independent Filmmakers doing it right.” - Willamette Week, Portland

“Sarah Lewis gives an outstanding performance.” - The Method Fest Film Festival

“A powerful performance by Sarah Lewis.” - Willamette Week, Portland

“Sarah Lewis delivers a powerful performance.” - Valley Scene Magazine