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Lincoln Assassination Links :

The Surratt House Museum |

Great Lincoln info |

Roger Norton 's terrific Lincoln site | RJNorton

Ford's Theatre / Nat'l Park Service |

Lincoln Conspiracy Trial site |

Dr. Samuel A. Mudd website |

Expert Lincoln author Edward Steers, Jr. site | | Collection of Links

Recommended Reading :

Lincolnís Assassins: Their Trial and Execution - by James L. Swanson and Daniel Weinberg

The Lincoln Assassination: The Evidence - compiled by Bill Edwards and Dr. Edward Steers , Jr.

The Lincoln Murder Conspiracies - by William H. Hanchett

Mary Falls: Requiem for Mrs. Surratt - by Christopher Conlon

Mary Surratt : An American Tragedy - by Elizabeth Steger Trindal

The Conspiracy Trial For the Murder of the President - edited by Benjamin Perley Poore 3 Vol., Arno Press

The Day Lincoln Was Shot - by Jim Bishop

The Web of Conspiracy - by Theodore Roscoe