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Richard Altenbach

Richard brings 20+ years of orchestral and Hollywood Studio experience to his compositions. As an A-List Violinist, including Principal for John Williams (Indiana Jones IV), Danny Elfman and John Ottman, Richard has participated in over 1000 film scores with such composers as John Barry, Hans Zimmer, James Horner, Howard Shore, James Newton Howard, and the late great Jerry Goldsmith. A short list of film and game credits include Jurassic Park I, II & III, Spiderman I, II & III, Matrix I, II & III, Fable, Pirates of the Caribbean I, II & III, Superman Returns, the Sims, Lion King, Titanic, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the Fantastic Four I & II, Prince of Persia, A Christmas Carol, Princess and the Frog, and Wolf Man. Richard has performed live on the Academy Awards Show, collaborated with Frank Sinatra, Puff Daddy, YoYo Ma, Celine Dion, Mannheim Steamroller, and composed arrangements for Natasha Bedingfield.

Richard Altenbach: The Killing of Mary Surratt - the Filmscore