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In Development:

NOVEMBER 11, 1988

Dorothea Puente, a Sacramento boardinghouse operator, opens the front door to see two detectives standing before her. There to simply follow-up on a missing person’s report regarding one of her tenants, the two men initially find nothing to indicate that anything is amiss in the old Victorian home. Just before leaving, however, they ask the landlady if they may dig a little in the yard to check on a troubling rumor of bodies being buried in her yard.

At first feeling foolish as they dig, the officers will ultimately stumble upon the first of what will be seven bodies buried among the woman’s well-manicured flower gardens, most of them being poor, frail elderly tenants of her boardinghouse. When the stunned detectives go to arrest Dorothea, however, they find that her walk to a nearby hotel to “get a cup of coffee” was actually her opportunity to escape.

Based on the shocking true story of Dorothea Montalvo Puente, INFAMOUS is the feature-length story of one of the most notorious, cold-blooded killers in U.S. history. Her murders ignited a nation’s curiosity as to how a grandmotherly figure could have carried out such chilling crimes (against those who are supposed to be protected) while at the same time masterfully manipulating the state’s social welfare system.

STATUS: Script in Development

Story by Chris King
Screenplay by Chris King and Heather King