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Running Time:
16 minutes

A depressed woman, drowning in the cubicle walls of her monotonous dead-end job, befriends a coworker who makes her rethink who she is and what she wants out of life...with potentially disastrous consequences.

"Happiness" is an intense study of one woman's life in the cubicle world, and the ways that her work life causes her to rethink who she is and what she wants.  It explores the relativity of happiness; happiness in love, in life, and in one's connections with others.

"Happiness is very well made, very professionally shot, and packs a lot of emotion into 17 minutes. I saw it twice. Twists arrive cleverly, scene by scene. The possibility of love, no matter how remote, that comes at last, only to be thwarted by life's circumstances, had an impact."
- Rex Reed (Film Critic for the New York Observer)

"A lovely film full of meaning and sentimentality, offering insight into an emotion we have all felt at some point or another while never overdoing it. This film is a reminder of what life is about."
- Misty Lane (Rogue Cinema)

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